This site is an internal toolbox for people engaged in the Tapolca Municipality and the Business Advisory Centre. Here you will find activities, tasks, learning resources and useful links to improve your knowledge and skills.

Hírek és események

How to use this web site

Please choose from the menu what kind of activities you are interested in: Feladatok takes you to activities and exercises Tanulási erőforrások will give you a list of learning resources – videos, presentations, best practices etc. A vállalkozói szellem és az innováció provides information especially related to entrepreneurship and innovation.  


Activities, methods and exercises

Collecting information – interviews and presentations

Goal: Coaching the participants for interviewing entrepreneurs

Getting to know the entrepreneurial existence

Goal: Coaching the participants to get to know the needs and expectations of local enterprises.

Entrepreneurship, business plan into practice

Goal: Improving the skills of the participants in problem solving

Entrepreneur in the municipality’s office

Goal: Improving the skills of participants how to tackle enterprises in the municipality’s office through a situational practice

  • Mapping of current ideas and practices
  • Sample videos (interviews)

Business Advisory Centre

Goal: getting to know the business advisory centre in Tapolca

  • Online presentations of centres
  • Links to tender websites
  • Vision for the centre



A vállalkozói szellem és az innováció

Entrepreneurship and Innovation